May 16th, 2020

Growing food for consumption is perhaps one of the first things that the civilized society learnt to do. The world since then has witnessed several changes, but cultivating crops for human survival remained the same. What changed was how we grow our crops. Now with the advent of the latest technology, we are capable of controlling the temperature, humidity and other environmental factors in a limited way to ensure better quality and quantity of produced crops.

This process of growing of crops under contained conditions assuring suitable temperature, light, humidity etc. is called greenhouse or polyhouse cultivation. The terms greenhouse and polyhouse can be used interchangeably, except that greenhouse farming is done on a larger scale than polyhouse farming. Polyhouses can either be Naturally Ventilated (with minor environmental control system) or Environmental Controlled (with effective environmental control system).

Polyhouse is named after polyethylene- a transparent or translucent material used for creating the structure for this kind of farming. These structures can be as big as a building or as small as a shack, depending upon the farming requirements. The crops grown with polyhouse farming are susceptible to various advantages such as lesser crop damage, year-round cultivation of desired crops, reduced dangers from pests and insects, increased yield and easy fertilizer application among many others.

The variety of crops that can be grown through this kind of farming includes vegetables like tomato, cucumber, capsicum etc., cut flowers like rose, gerbera, carnation etc., and fruits like papaya, strawberry etc.

Saveer Biotech Limited is India’s leading science and technology company that specializes in greenhouse hydroponic system and polyhouse technology. It provides top-notch services like designing, manufacturing and installing research greenhouses and polyhouses in accordance to the specific needs of the  customers. It is the only greenhouse and polyhouse manufacturer in the world who has its own internal Research and Development center recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India.


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